06 6

1,Having spent some time in the city,he had no trouble

(找到去李世博物管的路) in finding the way to the museum 2(为了挣钱供我上学),for afforting my education

mother ofen takes on more work than is good for her 。

3.The professor required that

(我们教研究报告) we shound hand in our report

4.The more explain ,

(我越糊涂) the more confessed I was

5,Though a skilled worker (他被解雇啦)which was lain off (fired) by his employee

06 12

1,适应不同文化中的生活 adapt myself to the different culuture.

2 没有什么比读书对我更有吸引力 nothing is more attractive to me than reading

3 the victim (本来有机会活下来的) would have survived If he had been taken to hospital in time。

4 出门时可能会感到孤独 feel lonely when you are outside

5 以每年1200 的速度 at the speed of 1200 million

07 6

1将人们的睡眠质量考虑在内 taking the quality of sleep into consideration

2 the prevention and treatment of AIDS is (我们可以合作的领域)a field that we can coorpate in

3决定退出比赛 decide to give up the game

4 按以下的地址跟我们联系 according the following address

5 please come here at ten tomorrow morning (如果你方便的话) if you are convenience

07 12

1多亏啦一些发明 owing to some inventions

2 我比以前更容易累啦 I feel more tired than ever

3 无论我要做什么牺牲 Whatever sacrifice I make

4 它更加方便和省时 it more convenience and lesstime

5 many American live on credit ,and their quality of life (是用他们能够借到多少来衡量的)was measured by how much they can borrow

08 6

1 Our effort will pay off if the results of the research (能用于与新技术的开发) can apply the creation of new technologe

2 一定出啦毛病 must be had some problem

3 不管是什么工作 whatever jobs I get

4 与我成长的地方相比 compared with my growing house 5 直到他完成使命,did he realize that he was seriously ill Until completed his undertakes

08 12

1 Medical researchers are painful aware that there are many problem (他们至今还没有答案)which we have not find the way to solve it

2 大多数父母所关心的 the considerations of the parent is providing the best education possible for their children

3 you would better take a sweat with you in case it turn cold(以防天气变冷)

4 决定自己创业 decide to creat our bussiness

5 直到一名医生偶然发现了它 until a docor find it by accidently

09 6

1Alid found that he had a trouble in keeping up with classmates(很难跟上班里的同学) in math

2 if she had returned an hour earlier, mary would not catch by the rain .have been rain( 就不会被雨淋)

3 it is said that those who are stress or overtime are (更有可

能增加体重)more likely to gain weight

4 很多人都没意识到的what many people do not realize is that simon is a lover of sports and football in particular

5 the study shows that the poor functioning of the human body is( 与缺乏锻炼密切相关)contecting with lacking exercise 于什么有密切相关 be closed related to

09 6

1You would not have failed if you had accord my order (按我说的指令去做)

2放弃对知识的追求 give up pursing knowledge

3 scientist agree that it will be a long time (我们找到治愈癌症的方法)before we find the way to cure cancer

4 与消费者不断增长的需求保持同步 keep up with the increasing needs of customers

5 the more experience you take , (你越不大可能感冒)the less you catch a cold






英文原文中开篇有这样一段话:In the avalanche of moody, broody online clips heralding the release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1, there’s a segment more overtly melancholy than the rest.先说有许多阴郁的网上电影片断,后面现在分词做后置定语:“预告着《哈利波特与死亡圣器》的公演??”。这样翻出来的句子表达不通顺,生硬死板。所以我把后置定语整个提到了句子的开头,翻译成“在《哈利波特与死亡圣器》那大量充斥着阴郁压抑气氛的网上预告片段中??”。这样句子便显得更加通顺自然。

英文原稿中也出现了许多较长的句子,如若一层层的翻译出来,就会显得十分冗长啰嗦,不够精炼,而中文讲究小句,散句,讲究意思凝练,所以可以将一个长句打散成短句来逐层翻译,比如:What is it that keeps global audiences coming back to these big-budget movies even when they feel like increasingly rote ritual reenactments of much better books?这个疑问句中还套有一个定语从句when???因此翻译出来容易繁琐,所以可以打散处理:“人们会发现好多好的书籍都会被原封不动地搬上银幕,但究竟又是什么使得人们花大价钱重新进入电影院观看这些他们所熟悉的故事?”

在这篇文章的翻译中,偶尔会碰到句型重复的用法,比如这一句:which without Harry as a charismatic resistance leader would succumb to the fascist, racial-purity-obsessed madness of Lord Voldemort.这一句中,fascist, racial-purity-obsessed madness 这一对伏地魔性格描写界定的定语翻译出来会很长,并列的成分过多,显得头重脚轻,所以可以采用重复的形式,即“如果没有哈利这个具有超能力的抵御领袖,魔法界将无法抵御伏地魔的专横残暴,无法抵御他痴迷于“种族纯度”的疯狂之举。”用两个“无法抵御”可以将原本较长的句子,较多的并列形容词变得更为凝练,并形成汉语中