Task I

Dear Tom,

As you know ,I’m organizing a two—day debating contest which is to be held on May 1-2, I am working on a schedule for it now and I will have to send it by E-mail tomorrow. I need some new ideas urgently. Please help me out and give me some fresh ideas by tomorrow morning. Meanwhile, would you please contact some of our teachers and invite them to be judge? Let me know their names by Friday. Thank you.

Task II

Report on the Changes of Fashion for Young People in Recent Years in China


This report sets out to present how fashions for young people have changed in recent years in China.


According to my survey, I have found the following three points:

1、Nowadays, the young are seeking for individuality instead of uniformity in the old days and they want the clothes to be unique.

2、Thanks to the mass data, the young people are deeply influenced by the fashion trend throughout the word. The North Korean style in hugely popular among them in recent five or six years.

3、The general trend is to be casual and simple.


Therefore, it can be concluded that the young people in China now are looking for individuality, casualness and they would like to follow the fashion abroad.


Task I

To: the Personnel Director and the Training Manager

From: assistant to the Customer Service Director

Date: 23 June 2009

Subject: decreasing sales

As requested by the Customers Service Director , I have done a survey concerning our decreasing sales. This survey shows that our staff are not interested in helping customers and they are unhappy in their jobs. Therefore, our sales have been decreasing for several months.

I think we should give bonuses to the best seller every month to improve our staff’s enthusiasm. What’s more, we should have some special offer every day to attract more customers.

Task II

Take My Advice on How to Control Stress

As the competition between students increases, more and more students feel stressful

about their course. As far as I’m concerned , we can take the initiative to reduce the stress.

Firstly, make a plan for everyday study. For instance, you keep learning English for two hours every day, and within the two hours, you will learn 10 new words and read 2 articles. This way you can learn more than 1000 words three month later and your reading ability will improve as well. Therefore, you don’t have to stay up late before the English examination. As long as you keep learning every day, you will find you are well prepared for the exams already.

Secondly, do something else to divert your mind before exams. For example, if you can play piano, play your favorite songs for one or two hours and you will feel relaxed.

To conclude, keep learning regularly and cultivate a hobby and you will find yourself relaxed about your course




Task I (10 marks)

Directions: You are required to write a Notice in about 100 words to inform the students and English teachers of a lecture on American Liberal Education by Prof. Gilbert in the English Department Hall. Please wri on the Answer Sheet. Task II (20 marks)

Directions: For this part, you are required to write a composition on The

Anti-Addiction System. You should write at least 120 words and please write it on the Answer Sheet.

Now in China the anti-addiction system and a “real name checking” system have been adopted in Cyber cafes to prevent players under 18 from becoming addicted to online games. What do students think about this system? What is your opinion about this? Part VII Writing

Task I


We are very honored to have Prof. Richard Gilbert from Harvard University to give us a lecture on American Liberal Education. Prof. Gilbert, who graduated from

Standford in 1979 and received his Ph.D. in Education from Harvard in 1984, has been conducting research and teaching international students in Harvard for more than 20 years. He has become a leading expert in this field and has published several books and numerous papers on liberal education and education policy. His humorous and thought provoking speech will surely benefit all the audience.

The lecture will be given in the English Department Conference Hall from 2:30 to 4:30. p.m., Friday afternoon, November 16, 2007. All the teachers and students are welcome.

English Department

Task II

The Anti-Addiction System

Now in China, the adoption of the anti-addiction system and a “real name checking” system in netbars has led to a heated debate among students.

Some say that students' self-discipline is very limited and now at least 14 percent of the urban teenage players are addicted to the Internet and some children even repeatedly disappear from home to spend their nights at local Internet cafes, and play truant from school also. Therefore, they have failed

quite a few school exams. In this sense, the new policy can prevent minors developing online addiction.

Others claim that the anti-addiction system is only a means to an end and cannot remove the root of the online addiction completely and they believe the key is to guide the minors to improve their self-control and balance their work and play. In my opinion, the latter point hits home for me because it cuts to the chase. However, education is a long process and takes time, which means before education produces effects on children, some supplementary measures should also be taken to speed up the process and the anti-addiction system is one of them.