商务英语写作unit four(1)

1. 我们确认已向你方电报下列商品实盘,以9月20日前复到有效。

We confirm having cabled you a firm offer for the following goods, subject to your reply reaching us by September 20.

2. 获悉你地市场对核桃有很大需求,兹附上第6868号报价单供参考。

We have learnt that there is a good demand for walnuts in your market, and take this opportunity of enclosing our Quotation Sheet No. 6868 for your consideration.

3. 你方6月3日来电要求我们报第33号毯子。现报盘如下,该盘不受约束。

In reply to your cable of June 3rd, which asked us to make an offer for our Blanket No. 33, now we are making you the following offer, which is subject to our final confirmation/without engagement.


While we thank you for your letter dated July 9, we find it very regrettable to point out that your prices are appear to be on the high side and that there is no possibility of business.

5. 我们另邮航空寄上新品种的样品供你参考。该新品种价格公道,品质极好,我们认为及早推销对你们有利。

Under separate cover, we have airmailed samples of our new articles for your reference. These new articles are moderate in price and excellent in quality. We think it will be to your advantage to push sales of them at an early date.

6. 由于所需的品种目前无货供应,我们想推荐下列库存产品,可以即装,我们这一推荐是照顾到双方利益的。

Since the required articles are not available (for supply), we would like to recommend the under-mentioned/following products which can be supplied from stock for prompt shipment. This recommendation is made in the interest of both parties.

7. 你方11月15日来信收到,谢谢。货号2112电扇歉难推销,因为你方价格太高,买方无意还盘。

We have received your letter of Nov. 15, thanks. We regret that it is difficult for us to promote the sales of electric fans art. No. 2112 as your price is too high to interest the buyers to make a counter offer.

8. 为了支持你们推销,我们特地准备了一些印花布样品连同价格单随函附上,供你方考虑。我们的印花布品质优良,价格公道,深受大多数欧洲国家欢迎,销售很快。我们认为订购我们的印花布在你市场销售是有利的。

With a view to supporting your sales, we have specially prepared some samples of our cotton print together with a price list, which are enclosed for your consideration. Owing to its superior quality and reasonable price, our cotton print has met with a warm reception and quick sale in most European countries. We think it is to your advantage to buy this item for sale in your market.

1. We are studying your offer and hope that it will keep open till the end of this month.

2. We believe that you will place a large order with us owing to the good quality and reasonable price of our products.

3. We will allow you 10% discount if you purchase 5000 dozens or more.

4. As t terms of payment, we often require a confirmed, irrevocable letter of credit payable by draft at sight.

5. Please accept this attractive offer. (you are cordially invited to take advantage of this attractive offer). We are anticipating a large order from United States, and that will cause a sharp rise in price.

6. We will send you a firm offer with shipment available in the early May if your order reaches us before March 10.

7. Because there is a large/brisk demand for the goods, the offer will be open only for 5 days.

8. We are giving you a firm offer, subject to your reply reaching here by 5p.m, our time, Tuesday, July 10.

Dear Sirs,

In reply to your letter of May 5, we are giving you a firm offer as follow, subject to your reply reaching here by 5 p.m., our time, Tuesday, July 10.

Commodity: Boots for ladies

Specifications: more than 20 assortments with new designs of brown or red colors (detailed in catalogue)

Quality: the leather used is of superior quality

Price: CIF Los Angles USD95 to USD300 according to various designs (detailed in attached price list)

Payment: Confirmed, irrevocable letter of credit payable by draft at sight to be opened 30 days before the time of shipment.

Packing: standard export package

Shipment: September

Please be noted that we have given you our most favorable prices and we trust that the above will be acceptable to you.

Your early reply will be highly appreciated.

Yours faithfully










Dear Sirs,

Thank you for your inquiry of March 2 for 2 tons of apricot kernel. As per samples sent last month, we are pleased to quote as follows:

Description of commodity: Sweet Apricot Kernel ( as per sample)

Grade: 2nd grade

Quantity: 2 metric tons

Package: In (cardboard) cartons

Delivery: ( In ) May/June

Payment: By L/C

As the goods are short in supply, your order shall reach us by (before) the end of March. Orders reaching us after the end of March will not be processed. (If you exceed this time limit, we are not able to supple the goods.) Please understand.



The Nature of Competitive Market and Contestable Market

A . Compare

1 The Diversification of Retail Format

Western retail after a few circulation revolutions basically formed the department stores and supermarkets the two formats for the backbone levels and forms, At present basically have the following four types: one is the distribution centre as the foundation of the large supermarket chain, mainly through the distribution center radiation a batch of supermarket management network of the formation of the regional. The second is large supermarket as the core, in urban and rural or highway side, many of the stores connected scale shopping center. Three is a large department store is given priority to, including catering, entertainment, housing is a body comprehensive market, this is large and medium cities a major retail format. (Jackson, 20xx) Four is small and medium-sized supermarkets, Convenience store, discount store, boutique retail business network formed. According to the statistics, the global retail industry in the top enterprises in most business two to three kind of format, some enterprises in five formats even in business at the same time. (Viaene and Gellynck, 1995)

With the development of economy and the improvement of income level, the people to form a diversified business service requirements, the inevitable requirement of the variety of commercial with suitable.

2 Management Internationalization and Chain

The business enterprise management of international mainly in the following aspects: the enterprise's economic activities is not limited to country, to have a large proportion in the foreign market; Enterprise operation mechanism, system standard

and consistent international market; Domestic circulation field opening fully realized. The business enterprises of the developed countries have achieved a higher degree of internationalization. It shows at the one hand they will expand their business to foreign markets; open stores in foreign countries and purchase goods in foreign countries. France, for example, one of the main of their business—“Auchant” group has set up a file in the ten countries established more than 200 different sizes of super market, the large and medium-sized supermarkets accounted for about 20%. (Mark and Miti, 20xx)

In grocery industry, efficient sourcing and buying with low cost are the key points. In order to purchase inexpensive commodity and control the cost, most of enterprise in this industry has set up buying offices and department in low labor cost countries, respectively in China, Thailand, Vietnam and other Asia countries where is helpful for sourcing competitive product and creating high profit in market. On the other hand, these countries greatly exploit domestic markets in foreign countries and set up retail enterprises by cooperating with foreign joint ventures and most of large retail enterprise takes chain operation mode.

3 Organization Structure Centralization, Scale

With retail enterprise becoming larger, western retail organization structure is trend of centralization. Large business enterprise unity, concentration, decided it easy to accept the supervision of the public any a branch operation fault will affect the overall credit. (Marsh, 1992) This has prompted enterprises to strengthen self-discipline, guarantee product quality and service level, and can further enhance the enterprises competitiveness.

4 The Circulation Function of the Dominant

The change of the operational manner and the expansion of the scale of the

enterprise, make the business enterprise in the commodity production and circulation of position and function in the important changes. The retail business flow, logistics organization to zero by zero separate integration, production, processing and sales integration, highly organizational change. (Humphrey, 20xx)

B. Examples

In Britain and Ireland, TESCO competition is mainly Max thought class plug supermarket (M&S) and Wal-Mart branch of ASDA brand. Environmental protection organization environmental investigation agency (EIA) was the UK major investigation of supermarkets carbon emissions, and according to score high in environmental protection is given. TESCO because of its environment friendly initiatives and investment placed to be second, just behind Max thought class plug.

In overseas markets, Wal-Mart's “360°Environmental Protection” project began in 20xx. Wal-Mart through the project would be to reduce the environmental protection from simple company itself damage to the environment expanded to employees, suppliers, community and customer participate and share common interests. “360°Environmental Protection” involves the whole company, including customers, suppliers, employees, or the goods on the shelf, or the community service. (Mutch, 20xx)

On one hand, through the plan to save their operating costs, on the other hand also through the continuous improvement of suppliers reduce the purchase of products from suppliers costs, which in general let environmental policy for the company to create the profits. Meanwhile, another retail giant Carrefour to energy saving as the main green management means, “Light” deal with small profit competition in the