Poor physical condition of university students





Every year, many university students faint in military training, which has aroused public attention. There’re some reasons for this.

First, the lifestyle of university students is unhealthy. They usually would like to stay at home or dormitory rather than to take exercises or join in social activities, which will do harm to their physical conditions to some extent. Second, universities don’t pay attention to the PE classes. Freshmen and sophomores have two classes per week, while juniors and seniors have not any at all.

In my opinion, joined efforts are needed to improve students’ physical condition. As to universities, they should hold the idea “health comes first” and arrange more PE classes and hold more sports activities for students. Parents should also cooperate with universities by creating comfortable atmosphere at home. Most importantly, university students themselves should form good habits and healthy interests, take extracurricular activities positively and do exercises regularly.

本篇是现象解释型作文。开头指出大学生身体素质越来越差这一现象,紧接着分析了原因--大学生生活方式不健康以及大学不重视体育课,最后作者结合多方面的因素提出了解决办法。词汇:military training意为“军训”;health comes first意为“健康第一”;form good habits意为“养成好习惯”;take extracurricular activities positively意为“积极参加课外活动”。


Should Retirement Age Be Postponed?

1. 近年来,推迟退休年龄引发人们热议

2. 推迟退休年龄有利也有弊

3. 我的看法


Based on a recent survey on the Internet, a majority of individuals admit that aging society will bring a variety of problems to their life. Along with the trend of longevity, it has become a trend for people to debate whether it is wise to postpone retirement age.

Some people favor postponing the retirement age. In their eyes, it is this policy that enables the aging society to build up enough work-force. As a matter of fact, people in mounting numbers have come to realize this problem in an aging society. Even so, others hold a different view that postponing retirement age carries some risks. This policy can bring old people stress, but cannot arouse their enthusiasm for work, and cannot help them to enjoy their retirement pension.

I am convinced that we should balance old people’s interest against this aging society. Thus, if those seniors have enthusiasm for work, we should educate, advocate and encourage them to work and perform their tasks. If we try our utmost to do so, the future of old people’s life will be promising, hopeful and rosy.

这是一篇利弊选择型作文,第一段开门见山,引出话题—推迟退休年龄。第二段谈到对推迟退休年龄的两种不同的观点,即有人支持,有人反对。第三段陈述自己的观点,解释理由,并加以总结。词汇:along with the trend of longevity意为“随着长寿成为一种趋势”;carries some risks意为“带有一些风险”;arouse their enthusiasm for work意为“激起他们工作的兴趣”;balance old people’s interest against this aging society意为“平衡好老龄化社会中老年人的利益”。




Should college students fight against the criminality?




Nowadays, more and more college students are becoming enthusiastic about the healthy development of the society. They even actively participate in the fight against the criminality at the risk of their lives, which has caused a lot of debate among the media. So far as I am concerned, the college students should be very careful in their combat against the criminality for several reasons.

On the one hand, the college students should take their studies as the priority in the four-year campus life. Since they are the very prime of their life and time is so precious, they need to concentrate on their development and improvement of the skills for a bright future career. Besides, the society has placed too much expectation on them. On the other hand, the college students should deal with the criminality with more strategies. In other words, when they meet the criminals in the real life, they can appeal to the authorities like the police for help. Only in this way can they fight effectively and protect themselves in the mean time.

In conclusion, the college students are supposed to fight against the criminality in an effective but safe manner instead of risking their lives.

本篇属于观点论证型作文。首段描述了大学生打击犯罪这种行为,并给出作者自己的观点—大学生在打击犯罪行为时应深思熟虑,理智并机智得应对罪犯。后面一段具体分析了原因,展开论证。最后总结自己的观点。词汇:at the risk of their lives意为“冒着生命危险”;the very prime of their life意为“他们的黄金时代”。


Flat Marriage

1. 有人赞成裸婚

2. 有人则反对

3. 我的看法


Nowadays, a new trend has emerged among new couples called flat marriage, which means marrying without buying house, car, and wedding ring or even without holding a ceremony. Some people are in favor of flat marriage. They say, considering the high living costs today, it is not a bad idea to simplify dispensable procedures and to be economical. After all, happiness is not something that can be bought with money.

However, some people hold a different view. In their opinion, marriage is a big affair in one’s life and should be treated seriously. It is not a nice fashion to cut down on wedding spends, for that will be the proof that one is not living a good life. If you can’t even be happy when marrying, then how can you be happy in your future life?

In my view, whether to adopt flat marriage or not should depend on the couple’s financial condition. If they can afford a big wedding and is willing to spend money on it, then there is no problem. However, if a couple is not so well-off, they should make careful consideration concerning their marriage.

本篇是利弊选择型作文。前两段分别从正反两个角度论述了人们对裸婚的看法,即有人支持,有人反对。最后一段阐述了作者自己的看法—每对夫妻情况不同,需根据自己的实际情况做出选择。词汇:flat marriage意为“裸婚”;cut down on wedding spends意为“削减结婚开支”;well-off意为“经济条件好的”。




A letter of invitation



Dear Professor Smith,

Haven’t seen you for long. We heard that recently you would have a lecturing tour in Chinese universities covering a lot of cities including ours. We are writing this letter to inquire the possibility of inviting you to deliver a lecture on “Contemporary Pop Culture in America” for our postgraduate students on December 18. If this topic does not suit you, we are glad to accept any similar topic.

It is well acknowledged that you are a celebrated scholar in this particular field, as seen in your classical academic papers and books. Specially, our students have been using your books as textbooks for a couple of years. So we all believe that we can benefit from your knowledge and wisdom.

Whether you can or can’t make it, please let us know.

We are looking forward to your coming.

Yours truly,


本篇是应用文写作作文。写这类作文时我们要了解各类应用文的具体特点、格式和写法。这篇是一封邀请函。邀请函一般分为正式的请柬和非正式的信函两种。请柬格式固定,习惯用第三人称,必须写明事由、时间、地址、邀请人和被邀请人。邀请信函和普通书信格式相同,不如请柬正规和庄重,但措辞要委婉诚恳。首段说明与收信人的相关性与写作意图;主体段说明邀请别人来做什么,并交代具体时间和地点;结尾段表示期待回复。词汇:have a lecturing tour意为“巡回讲座”;benefit from意为“从??受益”。




预测作文1. Waste Sorting

1. 目前许多人扔垃圾时不分类

2. 由此带来的问题

3. 提倡垃圾分类的意义


Waste Sorting

Most people haven’t formed the habit and committed themselves to waste sorting now in China. They would throw their domestic garbage — kitchen refuse, abandoned plastics and papers, broken china and glass, etc. — all into the same public containers, without thinking whether they are recyclable or not.

This, obviously, will reduce the value of stuff that can be recycled or reused, such as plastics and papers. Besides, the growing amount of garbage makes the building of more landfills necessary, which will worsen the shortage of land. Worse still, disposing of the recyclable waste like plastics by burning will give off toxic smoke and pollute the air. In this sense, throwing the trash unsorted should not be advocated, no matter from the perspective of economy or protecting environment.

On the contrary, if we sort out recyclable waste before throwing them away, the amount of trash will be reduced sharply. Accordingly, the cost of running landfills and treating waste will be brought down greatly. What’s more important, less waste will have to be burned or buried, meaning resources waste and pollution will be reduced. Therefore, economically and environmentally, it is of great significance to call for waste-sorting.

预测作文2. On Volunteer

1. 现在越来越多的人加入志愿者的队伍

2. 志愿者的意义

3. 我的看法


On Volunteer

In recent years, the volunteering spirit has spread widely among the public, especially among youngsters. From Olympic Games to urban communities, many people are seen to offer their help for free.

Volunteering is of tremendous benefit to those in need. For example, hundreds of thousands of volunteers played an active role in the recent quake-hit Yushu area: they offered medical and psychological aid to the victims in the relief work. On the other hand, volunteering is beneficial to the volunteers themselves too. Involved in volunteering activities, people are exposed to new 1

circumstances, and they can learn how to work well in a team and how to improve their interpersonal skills, all of which are critical for their career development.

In my view, we should all join in volunteering work as long as we have spare time. That doesn’t necessarily mean that we all volunteer in regions struck by natural disasters. There are many people else who need our help, i.e. the old or the sick in the near nursing home. Little by little, we are sure to help make the world better.

预测作文3. Self-help Traveling

1. 越来越多大学生选择“自助游”,原因是……

2. 也会带来一些问题

3. 你的看法


Self-help Traveling

More and more college students choose self-help traveling rather than arranged tours when they plan to travel. The reason may be that by arranging the route, booking cheaper hotels and taking cheaper transportation means all by themselves, they can save a lot of money.

Convenient and economical as self-help traveling sounds, it still has some potential problems. Perhaps the most important one is the safety hazard. Being alone without a group or a tour guide, a traveler may be helpless in face of danger, i.e. robbery, wild animal attacks, etc. In addition, they are more likely to be at risk of getting lost when traveling alone in a city strange to them or in the remote countryside.

In my view, self-help traveling can be exciting and challenging which is worth trying. However, before setting out alone on a tour, travelers should make good preparations. Besides, they should bear security in mind all the time and keep in touch with their friends or relatives. By doing so, they can enjoy the pleasure of exploring a strange city safe and sound.

预测作文4. The Importance of Goal

1. 树立目标很重要

2. 原因是……

3. 如何设立和达到目标


The Importance of Goal

There is no denying that setting a goal is very important. We find that successful people are always those having and achieving their goals. They set goals, short-term or long-run, to help 2

realize their visions.

Why is goal-setting important? By setting goals you are taking control of the tempo of your life. It is like having a map to guide you to where you want to head for. With a clear direction, and with certain plans, you will straightly get what you want. On the contrary, without a goal, you will live a passive life. You do not know where to go, what you want and why you are listless. Then your life becomes dull and meaningless just like the dead water in a muddy lake.

Goals are not difficult to set and realise. First, you should make clear what you really want which constitutes your goals. Then you make detailed plans and follow through on them, as many winners do. If you follow their suit, you’ll achieve your goals and be a winner.

预测作文5. On Adversity

1. 每个人都会碰到逆境

2. 人们对逆境的看法不同

3. 我的看法


On Adversity

Everyone meets setbacks and frustrations in life, and each tries hard to avoid them, only to find that they’re just like your own shadow accompanying you all your lives. The truth is, adversity can exert great influence on you, depending on how you deal with it.

When confronted by adversity, different people make different response. Some people consider it a stumbling block on the road to success, and get depressed and even sink into despair; others consider it the stairway to great accomplishments and try to overcome it with constant struggle. The latter, therefore, will recognize their disadvantages from their temporary defeat, draw lessons from it, and grow stronger each time they have coped with a difficulty.

In my opinion, adversity often leads to prosperity. Painful and depressing as it is, overcoming adversity endows us with great confidence that is crucial to achieve success. Great people are not born successful, they are great only because they have tempered their personality and remedied their deficiencies through experiencing countless adversity and defeat, which is actually a goddess of blessings in disguise.

预测作文6. On the Lost Traditional Culture

1. 现在许多传统文化正慢慢消失

2. 传统文化消失的原因

3. 我的看法



On the Lost Traditional Culture

It is widely noted that lots of traditional culture are disappearing along with the development of technology. Many ancient architectures and traditional ways of living have been deserted. It seems that the traditional culture and craftmanship will be replaced in this modern era.

The following reasons can account for the above phenomenon. Firstly, traditional technologies are always considered ineffective while the new sciences are always highly efficient. Secondly, it is costly to protect the traditional culture. If the fund used to protect the ancient culture was instead delivered to the poor, it will be helpful to the improvement of their living standard. Thirdly, modern science and technology facilitate both our daily and academic life a lot. For instance, college students always collect their thesis materials by surfing the Internet instead of borrowing books from the libraries.

In my opinion, although traditional culture is an ancient heritage, it couldn’t keep pace with the development of society. It is the tide of history that the traditional culture and technology will no doubt be eliminated in the end.

预测作文7. On Students’ Interpersonal Relationship

1. 目前许多大学生处理不好人际关系

2. 出现这种现象的原因

3. 我的看法


On Students’ Interpersonal Relationship

Positive interpersonal relationships are vital for optimal human growth and development. However, in recent years, educators have expressed their concern about the quality of interpersonal relationship among students in institutions of higher education. According to a survey conducted by Hebei University, many college-age students regard interpersonal relationship as the biggest headache.

Increasing diversity and rapid changes in our society make interacting with others continually more complex and difficult. With limited life experiences and social skills, college students face more challenges in dealing with interpersonal relationship. This is especially true for students coming from rural areas. Because of lack of social skills, they are often rejected by others — and rejection gives them even fewer chances to learn how to behave with others.

In my opinion, now that interpersonal relationship is important to students’ development, colleges should offer comprehensive interpersonal relationships course. The course should address 4

the knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviors involved in participating in positive relationships in the family and with individuals at school, in the community and in the workplace.

预测作文8. Student Investors in the Stock Market

1. 目前越来越多的大学生炒股

2. 人们对大学生炒股看法不一

3. 我的看法


Student Investors in the Stock Market

China’s stock market is luring students looking to see how their textbook teachings fare in real life. While there are no concrete data on the student-investor, business professors say the market boom has boosted the number of students looking to play around with stocks. They invest in the stock market with money from parents and sometimes with amounts equal to several times their annual tuition.

Some people are alarmed at the trend. As investing in the stock market involves many risks, they say, college students are very likely to lose, which may put students’ family assets at risk. However, some are supportive. As more and more students become shareholders, they will help raise the general quality of shareholders and there will be more rational stock buyers in securities market, which is actually a good thing.

In my view, college students may give stock investment a try if possible. Stock investment may be a way to make fast money and help finance students’ schooling. Even if the students are likely to lose in the stock market, it may still lead to valuable investment experience — they can’t learn if they don’t try.

预测作文9. Reform of English Education

1. 目前要求改革大学英语教育的呼声很高

2. 产生这一现象的原因

3. 你认为应如何改革英语教育


Reform of English Education

As college English education is greatly emphasized with the rapid development of global communication, the defects that exist in the current educational system are open to more criticism. It is widely acknowledged that a thorough reform of college English education should be under way.


People ask for English education reform mainly because of the inadequacy of college English education under the current system. On one hand, many college English teachers underestimate the role interest plays in English learning and keep preaching in class. On the other hand, under the current system, most Chinese students tend to separate vocabulary memorizing, grammar, listening, speaking, reading, and writing from each other and therefore their English is also “broken” in this way. This has also greatly contributed to the “dumb English” of Chinese students.

In my view, to reform English education, colleges and universities should encourage students to speak English in class and hold more activities to promote students’ oral English. Teachers should focus on attracting students with vivid teaching and arouse students’ enthusiasm in learning English. With the collaboration, the reform of college English education will surely yield plentiful fruits.

预测作文10. Save Money or Borrow Money?

1. 有人喜欢存钱

2. 有人却喜欢提前消费

3. 我喜欢?


Save Money or Borrow Money?

Mentioning money, some people like to deposit it in the bank, while others like to consume it in advance. Money saved by people is mainly for: buying a house; in case of emergencies or diseases, car accidents, unemployment, earthquakes, and things like that; in case of college expenses of their children; for retirement, and so on. People believe that saving money is essential to lead a comfortable life. Having money in the bank allows people to pay for vacations or expensive purchases like furniture or doctor bills in cash.

With the world entering a consuming era, many people, especially young white-collars and college students, choose to borrow money. In other words, they spend money in advance — use credit cards and pay back the loan and interest on the next payday. They argue that: first, they could enjoy the convenience of credit cards and purchase expensive goods by installments. Second, many banks make some preferential policies on credit cards, like sending a gift or lowering year cost, which is a big attraction.

On my personal level, I approve of saving money — in case of emergency, you do not need to turn to others for help, at least. And I’m opposed to the abuse of credit cards among college students. Since in most cases, parents are their sole financial sources.

预测作文11. Should People Play Games While on Duty?



1. 有人认为这很正常

2. 也有人反对这种做法

3. 我的看法


Should People Play Games While on Duty?

Should people play games while they are working? People’s attitudes toward it vary greatly. Some people regard it as a common phenomenon in office nowadays. They think playing games is a good way to kill the boring time. At the same time, it can make them relaxed, which, in turn, can help them do their job efficiently.

However, some people have the opposite opinion. They think companies should prohibit their employees from playing games. They maintain that playing games at work is an irresponsible behavior and a wrong working attitude which can exert a bad influence on their colleagues. Moreover, many serious mistakes are often made when people play games during their working time, because playing games distracts people’s attention.

In my view, people shouldn’t play games while on duty. On the one hand, playing games can occupy some of their time which can be used to do something more important and meaningful, such as the further study of their working field and the improving of their working skills. On the other hand, playing online games takes up a lot of corporate network resources which may interfere with other colleagues’ work.

预测作文12. Working from Home

1. 现在有些单位开始允许员工在家办公

2. 在家办公的好处

3. 这种现象可能产生的影响


Working from Home

Certain companies, especially some small-scale businesses, start to encourage their staff to work from home or use home as a working base for at least part of the week nowadays. Some offer some form of remote working support to their workforces, such as equipping them with laptops and installing broadband, and others pay for the telephone bills for these workers.

This work pattern is popular because it’s clear that there are a number of benefits for business. First, it helps retain employees, especially highly-qualified working parents with childcare responsibilities. Second, it gains more productivity because the employees have fewer interruptions 7

and less commuting time. Last but not least, it offers savings on premises and other facilities.

However, there are some potential drawbacks. For one thing, there is difficulty of managing home workers and monitoring their performance, and difficulty of maintaining staff development and upgrading skills. For another, it may create a sense of isolation among home workers and it can be harder to maintain team spirit. Therefore, business should weigh the pros and cons before permitting their employees work at home.

预测作文13. On Taking CET Repeatedly

1. 现在许多考生为了得高分,多次参加四级或六级考试

2. 有人对这种做法不赞成

3. 我的看法


On Taking CET Repeatedly

In recent years, many college students are laying great stress on CET exams. In order to get high marks in the exam, many students are taking CET time and time again although they have passed it. When “CET season” approaches, campuses are filled with students occupied with CET preparations.

However, some people disapprove the idea of taking CET repeatedly for high scores. Although CET application fee is not high, taking the exams constantly can be a considerable financial burden. Moreover, it’s a waste of time to prepare for it every year, when you can do something more meaningful during the golden time in college. In addition, rather than focusing on CET, students should strive to develop all kinds of abilities.

As far as I’m concerned, it’s understandable to taking CET repeatedly for higher marks to be more competitive in the job market. If our future job requires a good master of English, we can step further to take high-level exams such as TOEFL or IELTS. But if it doesn’t, we should not waste our time and energy to take CET repeatedly.

预测作文14. Parents Being Slaves to the Children

1. 现在有些父母成为“孩奴”

2. 出现这种现象的原因

3. 这种现象可能产生的影响


Parents Being Slaves to the Children

Parents’ being slaves to their children or “child’s salve” is nowadays a hot topic in China. It 8

refers to young parents who have to spend a large part of their income on children. These parents feel great strain under the burden of raising a child and struggle hard to make as much money as possible.

The cost of raising a child in China is becoming greater and greater. But economic pressure is not the only reason that makes young parents “child’s slave.” Parents’ comparison with each other in trying to provide the best possible living conditions for their children should also be blamed. Retailers know well that young couples only buy the most expensive things for their children, so infant and child commodities become increasingly expensive.

If continues, this problem would affect the parents and the development of our country. With other issues such as housing mortgages to pay off and old parents to support, these parents would suffer from huge economic pressure, which may pose a threat to their marriages or physical and mental health. On the other hand, to avoid being slaves, some young couples’ willingness to expect children is falling. If the birth rate decreases to a dangerous level, there would be insufficient workforce in the future.

预测作文15. Importance of Buying a House

1. 有人认为买房很重要

2. 也有人认为买不买房无关紧要

3. 我认为……


Importance of Buying a House

There is a heated debate on the importance of buying a house with the soaring house prices. Those emphasizing the importance of buying a house maintain that living in your own house makes you feel better and more comfortable compared to that in a rented one. Besides, no investment is more rewarding than buying a house nowadays. Statistics from both home and abroad shows that owning a house guarantees an increase in assets.

Quite the contrary, many people say, buying a house is not that important. On one hand, a rented apartment can provide the same comfortable or even better life for people. This is especially true when many people have no money to decorate their houses after the big purchase. On the other hand, people can spend more money on other more profitable investment than involving in real estate, such as buying stocks or other art collections.

Personally, I think possessing a house is extremely important. At its core, a house is a shelter. After buying a house, people will become stable. What’s more important is that their children will also settle and can concentrate on study — children could get affected as they adapt themselves 9

with the new places, teachers and creating new friends making them lag behind academically.

预测作文16. Sinology

1. 近年来国学变得越来越流行

2. 出现这种现象的原因

3. 我对这种现象的看法



In recent years, Sinology, the study of Chinese traditional culture, literature, history, society, etc., has become increasingly popular. For instance, it is reported that many primary and secondary schools have set up courses of sinology, in which students are taught classical works by Chinese ancient educators and philosophers, like Confucius. Another good illustration is in the program CCTV Lecture Room famous scholars, e.g. Yu Dan, give lectures on Chinese ancient philosophies and literatures.

Sinology becomes prevalent due to the fact that it is of vital significance for both the individuals and the society. For one thing, Sinology is the essence of Chinese civilization with more than 5,000 years. Thus, for individuals, they can enlarge their scope of knowledge, enrich their experience and adapt themselves to the complicated society. For another, it is acknowledged that the rehabilitation of Sinology can contribute to a harmonious society.

In my opinion, all Chinese people should inherit the merits of Sinology. To do so, we can read books by ourselves or to attend lectures on this issue. Besides, we have the obligation to popularize it, introducing it to the world. By doing so, we can not only inherit it but also make it glorious and prosperous.

预测作文17. Online Learning

1. 网上学习比较普遍

2. 产生这种现象的原因

3. 这种现象可能带来的影响


Online Learning

Perhaps there is something you don’t know how to do. In the past, you might turn to a friend or a relative, attend a night class or go to the local library to find the answer. But at present a lot of websites are springing up to offer free practical advice on these subjects and actually anything else you can imagine.


Why is online learning so popular among people? The answer is obvious: online learning is much more convenient. In the past, you perhaps had to spend plenty of time learning in a night class or going to the library to look for relevant materials. However, now when you run into a problem, you just need to click the mouse, then a lot of related websites will appear in front of you.

However, not all the materials on the Internet are correct; sometimes they are false. Thus, if you want to learn something from the Internet, you should make sure what you will learn is completely correct.

预测作文18. On Campus Politics

1. 现在许多大学生都热衷于“校园政治”,如竞选学生会干部等

2. 产生这种现象的原因

3. 这种现象可能带来的问题


On Campus Politics

Many college students show great enthusiasm in participating into campus political activities nowadays. For example, it’s not rare to see that many students run for heads of the Students’ Union or some student societies on campus. There is no doubt that campus politics has become an important part of college life.

The fact that college students can benefit a lot from participation in campus politics contributes to this phenomenon. First of all, by attending campus political activities, students can develop practical capabilities, especially management and coordination capacity. Moreover, these activities provide students a stage to show themselves and bring their abilities into full play. Besides, campus political activities help strengthen students’ sense of responsibility.

However, campus politics might bring some problems. For one thing, too much participation in campus politics might influence the study. For another, some students’ being keen on campus politics is only for fame and gain, which will do harm to their mental health. Therefore, schools and teachers should give necessary instruction to students on their participation into campus politics.

预测作文19. Should College Students Hire Cleaners?


1. 有人对这一做法表示赞成

2. 有人则表示反对

3. 我认为……



Should College Students Hire Cleaners?

That some college students at a local university hired a cleaner to do laundry and cleaning once a week has led to a heated debate. Some people advocate and support the idea and the practice. They maintain that hiring cleaners to keep the dorms clean can help students save time, which they can spend on their studies.

Others, however, argue that hiring cleaners could help students save time and devote to their studies is merely a pretext. Typically, college education is not dominated by heavy loads of coursework and college students have ample time to manage their own affairs apart from studies. Usually, those students who claim they are too busy to clean their own dorms are most often found otherwise preoccupied with playing computer games or shopping. They refuse to do manual labor because they tend to regard themselves as elites once they succeed in entering a college.

Personally, I think college students shouldn’t hire cleaners. In performing the cleaning himself/herself, a college student learns to share the responsibility for managing a public space of which one is a part. And by doing so, the student also shows respect for the common welfare of the entire dorm. Cleaning one’s own dorm is a necessary process whereby one becomes a responsible person.

预测作文20. People Migrating to Another Country

1. 近年来越来越多的人移居到国外

2. 产生这种现象的原因

3. 我的看法


People Migrating to Another Country

Nowadays, many people choose to live in a foreign country, which has aroused great concern. Many people, especially some intellectuals and celebrities, migrate to some developed countries, such as the America, Britain and Canada. In addition, there are also many people studying and working in foreign countries struggling for “green cards”.

There are many reasons accounting for this phenomenon. Among all these factors, pursuing high-quality life, which is guaranteed in wealthy countries, plays a critical role. Besides, most people migrate to some foreign countries in the hope that their children can receive better education and have a more promising future there. Moreover, some people move abroad just expecting to experience a different culture.

As far as I am concerned, though I would like to experience various cultures all over the world, I won’t migrate to another country. For one thing, I hate to live far from my friends and relatives 12

who have been with me for more than twenty years. And I firmly believe in the saying that “East or west, home is best.” For another, the preparation before moving to another country would be a tough task. Especially, learning a foreign language is really a torture to me.

预测作文21. Protect Children from Porn Online

1. 目前网络黄色信息泛滥

2. 对青少年的危害

3. 应如何解决这一问题


Protect Children from Porn Online

More and more people, especially children, are now subjected to the waves of porn on their Internet screens. Porn spam, web pages with obscene content, pop-up ads laced with graphic sexual photographs, it’s just too easy to run into these stuff online.

An unwanted exposure to sexual material online of children in their early teens may have really disastrous consequences — they may be induced to pornography on the Internet again and again — just like drug addicts. If children’s porn addiction follows them into adulthood, they lead or contribute to various harmful results, including ruined marriages, lost jobs and imprisonment. A growing number of children are also acting out with others what they view in “adult” pornography, which threats their healthy development.

To protect children from “adult” porn online, joint efforts should be made. Parents should talk to the children about how pornography harms people of all ages. If possible, they may use Internet filters to try preventing access to porn sites. Schools should teach the students to think critically about porn they encounter online. The government should take initiative to purify the Internet, shutting down porn websites and severely punishing the law-breakers.

预测作文22. How to Be Positive

1. 积极的重要性

2. 因此,学校、家庭、社会可以?

3. 我们自己应当……


How to Be Positive

Being positive is very important. When you are positive in your mission inside, that positive rays will reflect not only on your face but also in what you do and you are going to tackle whatever difficult situations, however tough it may be. That’s the power of positive thinking.


Family, school and society are very powerful in shaping students’ beliefs. Parents should be a good role model and share positive thoughts with their children. Schools should teach the students to make realistic appraisals. The whole society should create a positive environment and highlight public figures who have overcome hardship, e.g. sporting celebrities who have a disability, to inspire the students.

As college students, we should get to know some tips to be positive. For example, focus our mind on the beauties we already have in our life. Learn to feel, think and even act, as if we are already living the life we visualize. In this way, we’ll become happier, and will attract new opportunities into our life.

预测作文23. Campus Safety

1. 校园安全十分重要

2. 因此,学校应当……

3. 我们自己应当……


Campus Safety

Campus security and safety is a big issue and has become a focus in education, especially when tragic events happened time and time again on campus. The recent stampede at a middle school in Hunan Province is still fresh in our memory. It took the lives of eight teenagers and injured 26 others.

The tragic events served as a wake-up call. It warns that, to safeguard the students, there is still much to be done. Schools across the country should take safety education seriously and conduct it compulsorily. Besides, they should revise their emergency preparedness plans and tighten security. For example, security guards should patrol on campus around teaching buildings and student dorms, and enforce strict entrance checks, barring entry to anyone carrying a gun or a knife.

As students, we should enhance our awareness of safety — that is, being aware of safety issues and of potential hazards in our daily life. For example, foresee the possible incidents and keep away from crowded places. Lock the dorm at night or whenever we are alone in the dorm. If possible, we should also have some first-aid trainings in order to help us survive emergency situations.

预测作文24. Commercialization of Campus Music

1. 近年来校园音乐逐渐走向商业化

2. 这一现象产生的原因

3. 这一现象可能带来的影响



Commercialization of Campus Music

Campus music has been commercialized in recent years. More and more enterprises are interested in being the sponsors of college music festivals. Campus singers and songs are not confined to college campus any more but are pushed to the market gradually.

The following two factors account for this phenomenon. On one hand, some enterprises’ paying more attention to campus music is out of their commitment to the society. They want to present healthy enterprise images to the public. On the other hand, enterprises want to take advantage of entertainment activities to promote their products or services. College students, as the focus of the whole society, are ideal targets for these enterprises.

Of course, we can’t deny that these activities serve as good chances for campus singers to show their talents and campus songs have hence spread more widely. However, commercialization of campus music to some extent reduces its uniqueness. Induced by fame and wealth, some campus singers cater to the tastes of the public and lost their own styles gradually. Here, for the sake of campus music, I appeal to both sponsors of music activities and campus singers to take campus music as it is, not sacrificing it for profits.

预测作文25. Gap between the Rich and the Poor on Campus

1. 大学生的贫富差距日益显现

2. 由此可能带来的影响

3. 我的看法


Gap between the Rich and the Poor on Campus

It is obvious that the gap between student haves and have-nots on campus is widening and has become a hot issue nowadays. While some students are reliant on government financial aid to fulfill their college studies, others have extra money from their parents to spend on rents and cars, luxury cosmetics and fashion.

The widening gap between the rich and the poor on campus has some negative impacts. On one hand, sensing the sharp contrast, some poor students may feel inferior to others, which may hinder them from progressing. Worse still, some may develop negative values, attitudes and beliefs. On the other hand, some rich students may pay more attention to material life and neglect spiritual pursuit. Their conscious and unconscious show-off of wealth may also bring them unexpected conflicts or trouble.

Personally speaking, I think poverty is not a vice, just as wealth is not an evil. So it’s nonsense 15

to make much fuss about wealth disparity on campus. However, we do need to cultivate sound personality in students, a major challenge to colleges and universities today. With a sound personality, students are able to see everything with a normal attitude, which is helpful for their development.

预测作文26. Living with Parents after Graduation

1. 目前许多大学生毕业后回家跟父母一起居住

2. 产生这种现象的原因

3. 我的看法


Living with Parents after Graduation

According to a survey, many college students are thinking about moving back home with their parents after graduation. Some have already done so. Going back home and living with parents, once considered as out-of-date, returns to young adults’ life nowadays.

More often than not, the reason why many new grads are picking their parents as roommates is all about money. Most new grads have important life plans that cost more money than the typical entry-level salary can cover. For them, it makes smart economic sense to move back home with their parents, where life is comfortable and rent is saved, while they get their finances in order.

In my opinion, it’s not all advantages when it comes to living with parents. First, the graduate lives at an unrealistic level of comfort, making a break for independence difficult. Second, the financial pressure to stick with a job and work hard is not there if he can quit and not become homeless. Third, people might think “you still haven’t grown up or aren’t mature yet” if you still live at home.

预测作文27. Fortunetelling on Campus

1. 大学校园盛行“算命风”

2. 产生这种现象的原因

3. 我的看法


Fortunetelling on Campus

Fortunetelling becomes popular among college students, especially senior students in China. Many of them require fortunetellers near campus to practice divination forecasting good or ill luck, mainly for their jobs. Apart from fortunetelling, other superstitions like astrology and tarot cards reading also fascinate those students.


A main reason of this phenomenon is that the graduates-to-be are under huge pressures of finding jobs after graduation. Some may have advantages in the job-seeking but may have low self-confidence and hence feel uncertain about their future. Under such circumstances, heading to a fortuneteller for the purpose of making decisions would be some students’ option. This is especially true when there is no professional counseling service provided by their universities.

In my view, fortunetelling could do considerable harm. Believing in fortunetelling may rob a person of trust in himself and his own ability. He may begin to look on himself as a pawn of fortune that cannot change his fate and then may lose ambition.

预测作文28. Information Security

1. 信息安全问题日益受到重视

2. 信息安全事故可能导致的危害

3. 如何做到信息安全


Information Security

With a variety of problems plaguing the information systems, the importance of information security becomes the focus of people’s concern. We heard time and time again that unauthorized persons seized people’s confidential information in an immoral way and took funds out of their bank accounts. Or, in the worst cases, they took over people’s identities altogether, running up vast debts and committing crimes while using the victims’ names.

Information security concerns a range of problems — information interception, loss, damage, etc. It will bring victims financial loss or put them into trouble. Take identity theft for example. In many cases, a victim’s losses may include not only out-of-pocket financial losses but substantial additional financial costs associated with trying to restore his reputation in the community and correcting erroneous information for which the criminal is responsible.

We should place high priority on information security. We should safeguard our identity under any circumstances. For example, do not share our confidential information such as our ID card numbers, bank accounts and other personal information with strangers, especially on the Internet. In this way, we can expect information security.

预测作文29. How to Communicate Efficiently

1. 现代人越来越注重沟通

2. 原因是……

3. 如何进行有效沟通



How to Communicate Efficiently

People attach more importance to efficient communication nowadays. Communication is definitely important — no matter what your career is. Each individual in this world needs to communicate with others.

Parents need to communicate with their children to show their love; a teacher needs to communicate with students to convey knowledge; a student needs to communicate with the teacher to ask questions or prove they have understood what he/she said; a businessman needs to communicate with his partners to make fortune; a diplomat needs to communicate with his foreign counterparts to claim his own country’s standpoint; a political leader needs to communicate with his people to lead their way to a better life. Communication is a very important aspect of the human life, since it is the communication that helps human beings to connect with each other as individuals and as independent groups. Only by efficient communications can we express ourselves and understand others.

So, how to communicate efficiently? It requires self-confidence, good articulation and knowledge of how communication can be made more effective. First, organize and clarify ideas in your mind before communication. Second, use appropriate body languages and make eye contacts when necessary. Third, try to be good listeners. And finally, pay special attention to feedbacks. A win-win communication needs your efforts.

预测作文30. Private Cars or Public Transportation?

1. 有人喜欢开私家车出行

2. 有人喜欢乘坐公交车、地铁等出行

3. 我的看法


Private Cars or Public Transportation?

Many people appreciate the convenience of private cars. A private car gives more comfort and mobility and enables people to go whenever and wherever he likes, so he can enjoy his leisure to the full by making trips to the country or seaside at weekends, without the annoyance caused by waiting for buses or trains.

But public transportation is also attractive. With someone else driving for us, we can feel relaxed on a bus or subway. And public transportation helps to lessen air pollution and traffic jams. It costs us less money and brings more jobs for others.

As far as I’m concerned, both public transportation and private cars, however, have their own 18

disadvantages. In fact the bus system does not provide frequent stops and the location of the bus stops is sometimes not so convenient. And a private car also has many problems, such as too much harmful carbon monoxide emitted. It often puts the traffic in and around the city to much trouble. However, I hate the air pollution and traffic jams caused by private cars. So, given the chance, I would prefer public transportation.