八年级英语下Unit 2词汇小结 What should I do

Unit 2 What should I do?

1 keep sb out (of the door ) 把某人拦在门外keep on doing sth 坚持做某事keep up with sb 赶上追上某人keep/make +n+ adj使…怎么样keep the room clean 使房间干净2 play the record too loud 把放音机开得太大声play soccer/the guitar 踢足球/弹吉他walk quickly快步走3 loud--loudly quiet--quietly 大声的/安静的4 argue with sb on sth 与某人争吵某事argue with sb = have an argument with sb. 吵架fight with sb=have a fight with sb 与某人打架5 what’s wrong with sb /sth ? …怎么了/出什么事了? what’s the matter ?怎么了?what’s the trouble?怎么了?Is there anything wrong with sb?某人怎么了吗?What’s up ? 怎么了?What happened ?怎么了/发生什么了?6 out of style过时的in style时髦的7 can-could 能够shall-should 应该8. call sb up =phone/telephone sb. 打电话给某人call sb at +电话号码打电话talk about sth on the phone 在电话中谈论某事9. surprise sb使某人吃惊to my surprise令我惊奇的是 be surprised at sth 吃惊于10 pay for sth 付钱11 get /find a part-time job找到兼职工作full-time/professional job 全职/专职工作12 either …or …或者…或者…neither…nor …既不…也不… either“也”否定句尾 too肯定句尾 also 句中13 the same as相同的 different from不同的 14 except(排除在外) besides(包括在内) 除了15 get/be upset不安/沮丧make sb upset使某人不安16 fail (v.)--failure (n.) 失败Failure is the mother of success. 失败乃成功之母17 as quickly as possible尽可能快as early /soon as possible 尽可能早 18 under some pressure 在压力之下19 complain +that从句抱怨…complain about sth to sb =complain to sb about sth20 include –- including包括21 send sb sth =send sth to sb送某物给某人22 all kinds of各种各样different kinds of不同种类

23.compare sth with sb 把…跟…进行比较 24 organize activities组织活动25 himself /herself /itself -- themselves 他/她/它(们)自己myself -ourselves我(们)自己yourself –yourselves26 dress oneself up打扮自己by oneself由某人自己enjoy oneself=enjoy doing =have fun doing=have a good time to do sth = have a wonderful time 玩得开心27on the one hand…, on the other hand… 28 an organize group一个有组织的队伍want to do sth 想要做某事stay at home =be at home待在家里31 play CDs too loud把CD开得太大声32. give him a ticket给他一张票33.write a

letter to sb =write sb a letter 写信给某人 34 go to one’s house去某人的家里35 give sb a ticket (to the concert) 给某人音乐会的票36 ask for sth. 寻求/要sth37have a problem 有问题38 be popular流行的39 find out 找出 look for 寻找40 plan sth for sb为sb策谋plan to do计划做某事41 everyone else其他每个人42 be invited/used /polluted被邀请/被使用/被污染43 start /begin from 从…开始44 leave sth at home将某物忘在家leave for离开45 copy sth模仿某物,抄袭. 46 the same ages 相同的年龄47 be angry with sb对某人生气48 talk about sth. with/to sb 和某人谈论关于某事talk with/to sb about sth 对某人谈论关于某事49 tell sb to do sth告诉某人做某事tell sth to sb =tell sb sth告诉某人某事 50 invite sb to do sth邀请某人做某事51say/speak to sb 对某人说 52 get alone well =get on well (with sb) 相处得好 53 nothing new没创意/没新鲜感54give sb some advice给某人一些建议a piece of advice 一条建议55 fit into融入…之中 from …to… 从…到…56 mind him of the book 提醒他关于书的事情 mind sb of sth 提醒某人关于某事57 ask for some advice 向某人征询建议58 take the train乘火车It take sb sometime to do sth 花费某人时间去做某事 take sb to把…带到…去 take part in参加59 have a walk =take a walk = go for a walk 散步60 busy (adj)+enough足够忙碌enough +n (money) 足够的钱61 It’s time for sth. = It’s time to do sth . 该做某事的时候了62 not… until…直到…才…63 after school activities 课后活动64 It seems that从句 =主语 seems to do 似乎 65 one/数词+ more sth 再要一个/多个某物66. have a bake sale 卖烧烤67. try to plan their kids lives 试图计划他们孩子的未来 单元目标句型: What’s wrong(with you)?/What’s the matter? What should I do?我该怎么办

You could write him a letter. 你可以给他写封信 .You should say sorry to him.你应该给他道歉.

They shouldn’t argue. 他们不应该争吵.

Why don’t you talk to him about it?=Why not talk to him about it?=You should/could talk to him about it.=What/How about talking to him about it.=You’d better talk to him about it.

The parents try to fit as much as possible into their kids lives.

Activities include sports, language learning, music and math classes. Thirty people, including six children (six children included), went to visit the factory.

People shouldn’t push their children so hard.

Parents are trying to plan their kids’ lives for them. When these kids are adults, they might find t difficult to plan things for themselves.


第二篇:八年级英语Unit 12 What

Unit 12 What’s the best radio station?

Section A 1a--- Grammar focus 学习目标:掌握重点单词和语法:形容词最高级


I. 课前准备 a.预习一下新课。尝试翻译下列单词和词组。

1.无线电广播__________ 2. 无线电台________ 3. 舒适的座位 4. 电影城_________ 5. 大屏幕________ 6. 接近的__________7. 品质,质量_________ 8. 黄金剧院____________9. 电影宫__________

10.衣服(总称)__________ 11.牛仔裤_______ 12.赶时髦的__________13.青少

年__________ 14.(俚语)时髦的,极好的__________

15.安逸的,自在的__________ 16.爵士乐_________17.更坏的__________18.最坏

的__________ 19.最友好的服务____________


b.尝试翻译下列句子. 1. ---What’s the best movie theater? ________________________

---Showtime Cinema. It’s the cheapest. _______________________

---But I think Gold Theater has the most comfortale seats. _______________________ 2. ---Which is the best radio station? _____________________________________

3. 我认为电影城拥有最好的服务。______________________

11. 课堂导学部分 1. 话题导入和合作学习1a

2. 1bListening ,1cPairwork. Make new conversation by yourselves.

3. 课堂活动和学习2a、2b和2cand Grammmar Focus III.随堂练习:


1. The park is c______ to the school. 2. He often listens to the r______ in his spare time.

3. They went to the c______last Sunday.

4. How often do you go to the t ______? 5. His house is c ______ to mine. 6. How many ______(座位) are there in the classroom?


1.This hotel has the friendly ________ in our town.(serve)

2.My home is the closest to school but his home is ________ ________ (far). 3.That movie is ________ ________that I have ever seen.(bad) 4.I think this movie theater is ________ _________than that one.(comfortable)

5.Is Harbin ________ than Hainan?(cold) (三)句型转换

1.This pen is cheaper than the other two.(同义句转换) This pen is ____________ ____________ of the three.

2.His father is 42 and my father is 40.(同义句转换) My father is ____________ ____________ his. 3.She often helps her mother with the housework on weekends.(同义句转换) She often ____________ her mother ____________ the housework on weekends. 4.Jane came back home from school.(改为否定句) Jane ____________ ____________ back home from school. 对划线部分提问) ____________ ____________ Mary ____________ for breakfast

学后反馈:你掌握了本课的重点了吗? 请同学们总结一下吧。

1) 最高级的用法2)重点词组3)重点句型

_______________________________________________________ Unit 12 What’s the best radio station?SectionA 3a—4

二.课前预习 :


1.特价商品,便宜货 ____________ 2.餐,饭,一餐________________ 3. 做一项调查 _____________ 4.最大的屏幕 ____________________ 5最受欢迎的服装店________________ 7.少年世界 ________________ 8. 质量最好的衣服_________________ 9.它播放最有趣的音乐。____________

10.我认为折价屋有着最差的质量。___________________________________________ 三.课堂导学部分:

1.完成Section A 3a Read the article and fill in the chart 2. 3b Pair work 3. Groupwork.

4. How much is a meal? Meal,dish 和 dinner

dish指某道菜, dinner 是正餐,宴会, meal 泛指一日三餐 四.课堂展示部分: I.单项选择

1.( ). Jim thought about ______ the movie with his friend. A. go to B.to go to C.going to D. went to 2.( )From your letter , I ______you would visit our city very soon.

A. studied B. learnt C. taught D.got

3.( )He stayed up late lasr night. That’s______ he came late.

A. whyB.how C.what D. that

4.( )I’m looking for a good place ______lunch.

A. have B. to have C. having D. had

5.( )--- ______ is the cinema from here? ---About ten minutes’s walk.

A. How far B. How long C.How much D. How many


1. This bag is very _________(heavy), but that one is even _________(heavy).

2. Mum gets up _________ (early) in my family.

3.Titanic was one of _________(popular) movies at that time. 4.Which is _________(big), the moon, the earth or the sun?

5.The Yellow River is the second _________(long) river in China. 6. We have to wear woolen _________(clthing) in cold winter.

7.He is a successful man and lives an _________(easier) life.


⑴What do you ______ ______(认为) the cinema in town?

⑵______ ______ (至于)movie theater, I like Movie palace best. ⑶Bargain House has _____ ______ _______(质量最差). ⑷_______ ________ (多少钱) is the radio/

⑸Funky Fashions has the _________ _________(最优秀的服务).


Mr Green is not an old man. But he has a big family. There are six people in his family—his parents, his wife (妻子) ,his son and daughter. Mr Green’s father is from Canada. His mother is from America. They don’t work now. They are at home every day. Mr Green works in a TV factory and his wife is an English teacher in a school. His children, Kate and Johe

are students. They study very hard.

The Greens are all in Beijing. They are playing in the park. John’s grandpa and grandma are under the tree. They are in red and white clothes. They are very happy. Their parents are flying kites with them happily. Can you see them/ they’re in yellow hats over there.

根据短文内容,判断下列句子的正误。正确的写“T”,错误的写“F” ( ) 1. there are five people in Mr Green’s family. ( ) 2. Mr Green’s parents are now working in a TV factory. ( ) 3. Mrs Green teaches English in a school.

( ) 4. Mr and Mrs Green are playing happily with their children in the


( ) 5. John is in Beijing now.

Unit 12 What’s the best radio station? Section B 1a—2c .学习过程:


1.积极的,肯定的_________ 2.消极的,否定的________3.乏味的,无聊的,单调的_________4.响亮的,喧闹的________.天才,天资,才干__________ 6.才艺表演______7.演员,演出者,演奏者_______ 8. 最有创造力的___________ 9.最无聊的的____________ 10.最有趣的人___________________ 课堂活动

1)My sister Isabel is the funniest person I know.

这是含有定语从句的主从复合句。其中I know 是定语从句,用于修饰先行词the person。当先行词前有形容词最高级修饰时,关系代词必须用that。 e.g Hemingway is the most famous writer _________ I like. A. who B. that C. which D. whom

2)I couldn’t stop laughing. Couldn’t/can’t stop doing sth.不停的做某事 .巩固练习

(一) 选择填空。

1, Li Ping writes_______in his class.

A. more careful B. more carefully C. most careful D. most carefully 2, The blue skirt is A. dear B. much expensive C. expensive D. much more expensive A. is B. are C. has D. have 4.The story was so funny that we couldn’t stop________ . A. laugh B.laughed C.laughing D.to laugh 5.I think Eliza is a ________ performer than Vera. A.great B.greater C.greatest D.the greatest (二)用所给单词的适当形式填空。

1. The children are all excellent ________ (perform ).

2.Vera is such a _________(create) girl that she plays the guitar upside down. 3.Eliza did _______(well ) of all the children in the talent show. 4.Dennis is a ______ (fun) boy. He always makes us laugh.

5. It’s the most ______( bore )play I have ever seen. (三) 完形填空

We were going to play a team from a country school .They didn’t come the match nearly began .They looked than we thought .The wore dirty T-shirts and blue jeans and looked like farm boys .We thought they saw a basketball before .We felt that we didn’t any practice to play with such a team .It was very late so they couldn’t have any time to practice .The match began ,one of our boys the ball and he tried to give it to another one . But from out of nowhere a boy in a T-shirt the ball and he quickly and beautifully got the ball into our basket and had two points .They us .They had another two points in a minute .Soon it was all over .The country team the match .Of course we knew that there was still another team than any good team .But the important lesson we learn this time was : One can’t tell a man or a team by the .

( )1、A. when B. so

C. until D. at

( )2、A. stronger B. younger C. worse D. better ( )3、A. never B. often C. sometimes D. always ( )4、A. have B. make C. use D. need ( )5、A. got B. played C. took D .carried ( )6、A. caught B. changed C. held D. stopped ( )7、A. surprised B. frightened C. admired D. smiled ( )8、A. lost B. won C. got D. had ( )9、A. worse B. less C. better . D more ( )10、A. T-shirt B. appearance

C. name D. points

Unit 12 What’s the best radio station?

一.学习目标:: Section B 3a--- Self check


(一)尝试写出下列短语在本课中的表达。 1.成功 _________ 2.一段表演,短节目, _______3.无,没有________________ 4. 一起,共同______________5.音乐的_________6.距离,路程______________ 7. 近的,靠近的,接近的 _______8.最远的_________ 9. 省份_____________ 10.南方的_____________11.还,仍然_____________ 12.美丽的,可爱的,令人愉快的_____________13.北方的_________ 14雪,下雪天气_____________ 15.充足的,充分的_____________ 三.课堂学习过程

1. 熟读3a ,完成表格。Read and try to recite it! 2. Complete Self check1.2.

3. succeed 动词:成功 successful 成功的

如果你努力工作,你就会成功。If you work hard, you will ________. 你成功的秘诀是什么?What is the secret of your ________. 他们经商非常成功。They are very ________ in business. 四.巩固练习I.. 适当形式填空:

1. The talent show was very __________(success). 2. What do you think of the________(music)group? 3. He left without___________(say) a word.

4.Guangzhou is in the__________(south) part of China . 5. The beaches in Sanya are very_________ (love). 11.根据汉语意思完成句子

1.我们的摇滚乐队还需要两名歌手。We need ____ _____ ______ for our rock band.

2.30美元足够了。Thirty dollars _____ ______.

3.他家里学校最近。His house is ____ _____ ______ ______. 4.蒂娜赢得了最佳表演奖。

Tina ____ _____ ______ ______ the best performer. 5.你还住在北京吗?Do you ____ _____ in Beijing? III.阅读理解

No.4 Middle School Kunming ,Yunnan April 2nd,20xx Dear editor,

I live in a beautiful city .Many visitors come to my city .There are so many colorful peacocks here .The peacocks mostly live on the grass land of Dongfeng Square.

They are given food freely by visitors .They usually throw food to them, and don’t think about at all whether the food is right or not .Some of the peacocks become ill ,some even died after eating the bad food given by the visitors .I’m sure most of the visitors who throw food to the peacocks really like the birds ,but don’t realize that they may be doing them harm .The visitors should be told that what have done is very harmful to the birds ,and this kind of thing must be stopped from happening .Perhaps we can build some small shops beside Dongfeng Square to sell peacock food .For us every person ,it’s our duty to give more love to these beautiful birds and to look after them carefully.

Yours, Sun Yan

( )1、Many visitors come to the writer’s city to .

A. do some shoppingB. see beautiful peacocks C. play on Dongfeng Square D. eat nice food

( )2、Some peacocks became ill and died because some visitors .

A. didn’t give them any food B. gave them too much food

C. threw them some bad food D. loved them and played with them

( )3、Some shops can be built beside Dongfeng Square so that they

may .

A. sell food for visitors B. sell food for peacocks

C. make the square more beautiful D. have the beautiful birds

( )4、From the passage we know people should A. live and play with the birdsB. stop the birds from eating too much C. give right food to the birdsD. give more food to the birds

( )5、We can guess the writer of the letter ,Sun Yan ,may be a .

A. visitor B. shopkeeper C. square keeper D. student